The most popular tree care myths / Tree Service in Houston

Much like many other professional niches, tree services are subject to different myths. There are lots of superstitions, prejudices, and misconceptions that sometimes lead to damage to a tree and even cause serious problems with it. Always consult with professional tree services with proper qualifications and certificates — they will save you both money and effort.

Famous Legends About Trees, Part 2 / Texas City

Trees have been surrounding people for thousands of years. They give us food, shelter, materials, shade and many more. No surprise that tree is a sacred symbol of life in different cultural and religious teachings.

Famous Legends About Trees, Part 1 / Texas City

Trees always had an important part in human life. From the very ancient times, they surrounded us and gave us food, shelter, materials for many different things. No surprise that people worshiped trees so they remained imprinted in dozens of different world cultures as legends, myths, and symbols.

Trees Helpful for Health / Houston Tree Tips

Trees are human’s friends who may be helpful to us in numerous ways. There are not only shade on your area, a good look and a place to build a treehouse for your children. Trees can grant you benefit as cures. And we are speaking not about fresh air — there are literally things you can eat or drink for medical use, even if we are talking about simple yard trees.

The Oldest Trees in the USA / Houston Arborists

Trees are magnificent and majestic nature children who are in fact one of the most long-living creatures in the world. Empires were created and destroyed, generations passed, and some trees witnessed centuries of human history.

Celtic Tree Zodiac – Part 2 / Baytown Tree Planting

Sometimes trees to plant are not chosen by professional advice. Some people pick their green friends by heart’s call or according to the spiritual and mythological aspects of life. There are plenty of different astrological and other sign systems. There are a lot of people in Baytown and area who take those as guidance on what tree to plant.

Celtic Tree Zodiac – Part 1 / Baytown Tree Planting

Serious tree service questions are not the only matter we should speak about. Some people find important to pay attention to mythical aspects of trees as they are one of the most long-living creatures on the planet. Some trees saw dozens of generations of our ancestors, so they definitely contain some hidden wisdom and power.

How to Prepare A Tree For Fall and Winter / Baytown

Falls and winters are not too furious in the South of the USA. But if you live in Baytown or any nearby city, you know that surprises are always possible. Anyway, winter is winter and trees are always affected by the season change.

Who Are Arborists and Why Hire Them

Sometimes professional tree servicemen are called tree doctors, tree surgeons or arborists. But it’s not always clear to a common person what that means. What is even less clear are reasons to hire a certified arborist. We got this covered and want to tell you who are arborists and how they can be helpful.

The Best Decorative Trees, Part 2 / Houston Tree Service

Planting a tree in Texas is also a question of shade on your yard — this will help with the hot weather. But the main purpose of any tree is to improve the appearance of a property. And being picky in this question is normal.