The Best Decorative Trees / Texas City Tree Service

Planting trees is always about making your yard more aesthetically attractive. Some people love big majestic trees like oaks but planting a smaller tree which will blossom or bring fruits is a thing, too. It’s not always an easy pick about what tree to plant in Texas City but we got this covered — we are bringing you 5 options of the best ornamental trees. 

How to Help a Tree with Drought / Baytown Tree Service

As a matter of fact, Texas is an area where droughts happen from time to time. Even the near-sea regions are subjects to long dry weather. It’s important to know how to protect your tree from drought even in Baytown — although it’s located on the seashore.

How to Water Trees in Texas / Tree Service in Houston

Tree service and tree care starts with the most common element in the world — water. It’s critically important to water trees properly, especially in Texas. Although the sea is nearby, Houston with Baytown and Texas City may be very hot and dry in summer. Every homeowner must care about the water level for trees on their property.

What to do with wood chips? Baytown Tree Service

Wood chips are often left after tree services. There are especially much leftovers usually remaining after cutting a tree, trimming it or when a tree fell during a storm.

5 Must-Have Tree Trimming Safety Tips / Texas city Tree Service

Tree trimming is one of the essentials in garden tree services. It’s not very hard, so it’s an often case when a homeowner decides to do it without the help of arborist services. This may be reasonable if a person has a basic set of skills to handle the job. But safety first, and before any job related to tree service, it’s critically important to take precaution measures. Remember that even a simple operation like trimming may be dangerous. We advise you to contact a professional tree service company if you are not sure you can handle by yourself.  Texas city Tree Service

Tree pruning – purpose and timing / Houston Tree Service

Pruning is one of the essentials of urban tree services. Forest trees can get by without it, but trees in your garden cannot. It is a simple but important operation that will help to solve several problems at once. houston tree service 

What tree to plant in Texas / Houston Residence Tree Service

There are a lot of different climate zones in the USA. Climate is one of the determining factors when you pick a tree to plant on your territory. Some trees are okay with the Texas climate, some can’t stand it — so it’s not too easy to decide what tree you want to plant.

How to protect a tree against insects and diseases? / Houston Tree Service

One of the most serious issues with your tree is when it falls sick. An average person who doesn’t have qualifications and experience in tree service usually doesn’t aware of what to in such cases. Of course the best decision is to call a professional tree doctor who will tell you about the tree’s condition for sure. Houston Tree Service

How to detect that a tree is dying? Houston Tree Removal team

Sometimes it’s a bit hard to tell if a tree is dead or alive. It’s not always obvious to a person without proper qualifications and experience. Taking too quick decisions can lead to cutting a tree that was generally fine and might be saved and live on. On the contrary, in some cases, a dying tree may be diseased and threat the surrounding garden or a hazard to fall and cause damage. It’s quite important to know how to determine a tree’s condition with basic signs. But we still recommend you to call for qualified tree specialists and ask for a consultation.

The best timing for removing a tree / Houston Tree Removal

It is usually not an easy decision when to remove a tree. No time will seem right to you if the tree was loved. But sometimes there are obvious reasons to remove a tree. In such cases, there are seasons that may be better to cut it down. Removing it at a good moment will help the process go smooth and even save you money. Houston Tree Removal