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Fencing services in Houston

Houston Wood Fencing

Along with the specter of tree services we provide wood fencing services. We consult, build and care for all the variety of wooden fences in Houston. We help to pick the optimal wood type to meet your budget and needs. We make fences that secure yards, look nice and stand long.

Wood fences are always a good choice for homeowners and business owners. It has several definite advantages.

  1. Style. Wood fences have a lot of outfit varieties: board on board, spaced board, picket, paddock, etc. We will help you to pick the right one that will not spoil the overall property look.

  2. Building ease. Wood fences are installed quickly and easily. The process never makes a lot of dirt and noise.

  3. Environmental friendliness. Wood is an ecologically clear material. If you do care about ecology, this is the choice for you. Wood fences are also easily disposable if needed.

  4. Cost-effective. Wood fences are affordable but yet they work for their cost. Both building and materials are cheap, maintaining will cost nearly nothing in most cases – just scrub it, wash it and sometimes paint it.

  5. Wood is easy to stain. No special paint or equipment required.

  6. Will fit nearly any setting. Residency, school, hotel or something else – it doesn’t matter, you just need to pick the right design.

One more interesting question is to pick a wood type for fencing. In Texas, there is plenty of common popular wood species. Each of them has its pros and cons. Fencing services in Houston

  • Spruce (also called pine, white wood and SPF). It has the shortest lifespan among all wood types. Spruce has a yellow tone, big amount of imperfections and knots. This one is considered to be the lowest quality material for wood fencing. But it’s cheap. The average lifetime of such a fence is 6 to 10 years if cared properly.

  • Western Red Cedar (WRC, or redwood) lasts much longer and has better quality. It’s more visually attractive and clear of imperfections. The average lifespan of this one is 10 to 15 years. The wood is quite durable and can resist pests and rotting. Best be sealed throughout life. (Don’t confuse WRC with Incense Cedar and Chinese Cedar. These two are easy for bugs or rot and won’t last long. Make sure you are picking the right Cedar.) Fencing services in Houston

  • Cypress is the cheapest option, but it has the worst quality. Cypress made wood fence will last only up to 6-8 years due to quick warping and rotting. This one is often considered to be a temporary option.

If you already have a wood fence, we can also provide proper care for it. We know how to make fences be in use longer and look better through the whole lifespan. Also, we can consult what to do to provide primary care for your fences, if you want to do it yourself.

Stain it with a water-repellant solution to reduce the moisture rate. It will also help the wood to resist UV rays. Clean and refresh the wood and repellant surface every 2 or 3 years with a brush, water and scrubbing tools. Fencing services in Houston

However, we recommend you to consult with professionals who will help with the fencing question. Fencing services in Houston

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