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All about Storm Clean up

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Houston is not far from the sea, so sometimes storms come. They often damage buildings, cars, fences and, of course, trees. A tree may suffer serious damage resulted by the storm and it’s important to clean the area up and provide proper tree care.

If you hurry with decisions about general cleaning up your yard, you may remove a tree that can be saved. If you are not sure about your tree’s condition, contact professionals who can tell what to do best. Besides, the process is not too easy and may be dangerous. Storm Clean up Houston

But if you decide to handle that by yourself, read on to get some important information about the process.

The first and foremost thing about the whole job is your own safety. Never try to cut limbs around power lines. It is mortally dangerous, especially after a storm, when everything in the area is soaking wet. Also, avoid cutting too big limbs or limbs located too high. When falling, they may hurt someone or damage something. Storm Clean up Houston

Also, notice that regular tree care such as pruning and crown lifting can reduce the aftermath of stormy weather. A well-trimmed tree without too low branches will be more durable to the element fury. It will also less possibly damage the surroundings.

Take all the safety precautions. Put on gloves, goggles and a helmet. Don’t stand under broken limbs even while cutting it. Make sure that your tools are sharp and work well — it’s important both for the tree’s health and your convenience. Storm Clean up Houston

First, estimate the damage. Take an attentive look at the tree and notice:

  • Broken branches, especially ones hanging low
  • Split branches and trunk
  • Uneven tree crown
  • Lifted soil and visible roots
  • The whole angle of the tree leaning (if it wasn’t there before)

Start pruning with small broken branches. Try to minimize the amount of the branches cut off. Open cuts on the tree are always an invitation for pests, and they will cause extra harm because your tree may be weakened after branch losses. Prune a branch at the point where it joins a larger one or the trunk. If there are bark strips left or the cut turns out to be rough, smooth the wood. It would be perfect if all the stripped wood areas are smoothed because it will cut off the way in for insects. Storm Clean up Houston

As a result of strong wind, trees often get split branches or trunks. Minor splits of branches that are not hanging or deformed should be left to heal on their own. Overtrimming is bad for a tree, so don’t hurry. If there is a serious split looking like a half-cut branch on an unharmed one, cut it and smooth the bark to help the tree heal it. Major splits of branches or trunks are much more serious. Sometimes they are fatal for the tree. The only way to get the right estimation, in this case, is to call a specialist. Storm Clean up Houston

The last stage in the after-storm cleaning up is caring your weakened tree. Water it properly, fertilize the soil and check it for pest invasion. By the way, you can turn broken limbs into mulch and use it on your yard. Just check the web for local companies making woodchips and compost out of wood. Also, mind gathering puddles in the area. If there are lots of water standing after rain, it may cause overwatering and rot. Puddles may be evidence of bad water runoff. You may fix it by changing the landscape for water redirection. Storm Clean up Houston

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