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We provide cost-effective land clearing and brush grinding services in  Houston and surrounding areas. Our environmentally conscious approach keeps soil disturbance to a minimum and never leaves brush piles to burn.

tree service houston tree removal tree trimming
tree service houston tree removal tree trimming
  • Selective Clearing
  • No Dozer Messes
  • No Burning or Unsightly Brush Piles
  • No Debris Hauling
  • Minimal Soil Disturbance
  • ​Large and Small Acreage
  • Individual or Commercial
  • Pasture Reclamation
  • Elimination of Invasive Plant Species
  • Pipeline Maintenance
  • Fence & Survey Line Clearing
  • Pipeline Right of Way
  • Fire Break Construction
  • Seismic Oil Exploration Lines
  • Habitat Improvement
  • Site Clean Up
  • Harvest Preparation
  • Subdivisions
  • Hiking/Riding Trails
  • Trails & road clearing
  • Home Site Clearing
  • Underbrush removal
  • Hunting Access Lanes
  • Utility Easements
  • Hunting Leases
  • Utility Right-Of-Ways – ROW
  • Clearing Under Pecan Trees
  • Vegetation management
  • Wildlife Habitat Restoration
  • Mulching of Brush Piles
  • Woodlot beautification

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