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Stump grinding is an excellent way to remove stumps and decrease the amount of damage to your property. Valerio's Tree Service and More has modern stump grinding equipment is light, maneuverable, quick, and non-intrusive.

When you contact a tree service company in Houston, you might be recommended stump grinding. Because it allows your tree company to perform a safe, efficient, and complete tree stump removal so that you can use the area where the tree once was for a different purpose. Here is a look at the purpose of stump grinders and the overall stump grinding process during a tree stump removal. 

Our team uses a professional stump grinder to mechanically remove the entire tree stump. A stump grinder is a heavy piece of machinery that should only be operated by an experienced professionals from a tree removal service. The grinder is powered by a petrol engine, and consists of a hydraulically controlled arm and a steel cutting wheel. The cutting wheel is at the end of the arm, and contains extremely sharp steel teeth. The wheel spins at a very high speed, allowing it to cut through and grind the tree stump.

Because stump grinding is the most efficient and effective form of stump removal. When you opt for stump grinding, you can rest assured that the entire tree stump will be removed, thus eliminating the hazards and safety risks of an exposed stump. Stump grinding also ensures that termites, ants, bees, snakes, and other pests do not have a ready habitat in which to nest. Additionally, opting for stump grinding rather than stump removal demands less of an impact on your landscaping.

Valerio's Tress Service and More offers more than one option for tree stump removal. Some our clients choose to let the tree stump decay and decompose naturally, but this process is lengthy and incomplete. We can also dig the tree stump out of the ground, however, this results in a deep hole that will have to be filled in. Stump grinding does not create a hole, and the grindings from the stump can be used as mulch for your landscaping.

We have several different stump grinders to enable us to grind stumps of any size, in any situation, from 6 feet in diameter to 1 foot on a steep embankment. We have the latest stump grinding technology, which allows us to get more of the stump out than ever before. We guarantee all of our stump grinding services and provide free regrinding should you ever discover, during any of your landscaping projects, that a part of the stump was missed.

When your stump is ground, you can expect that there will be no masses of the stump left underground. The stump grindings, which are the wood shavings from the stump mixed with dirt, are left behind. You can use these grindings as mulch around your yard. Please remove the grindings prior to replanting any plants/trees in that area.