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Born in 1994 Silvestre Valerio Jr. was raised in a hardworking household. He attended school and instead of playing with the boys he would go straight to the shop and help his dad. He was always getting into something there, his toys were not the normal kids’ toys but were more of a mechanics. He learned the trade early and wanted to always help his dad. He graduated from high school and began to work with his dad.

Although he was the son of the owner that did not exclude him from the hot work under the sun. His dad made him work just like any one else so he could learn and value every penny he earned. He saved money and became partners with his dad in the company. He has shown everyone that everything is possible and that he continues with his dads legacy of perseverance and hard work. Silvestre has had an excellent model and father who has shown him that things must be done the correct way and no short cut is a safe cut. He works hard at everything he does but most important at making his father proud.

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