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The most popular tree care myths / Tree Service in Houston

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Much like many other professional niches, tree services are subject to different myths. There are lots of superstitions, prejudices, and misconceptions that sometimes lead to damage to a tree and even cause serious problems with it. Always consult with professional tree services with proper qualifications and certificates — they will save you both money and effort.

Tree Topping Prevents Falling Hazard and Propels Following Growth

In fact, topping kills trees. It brings much bigger harm than power. If you top a tree you take away a big part of its foliage, also taking away its health and strength and ability to make photosynthesis which provides crucial nutrients to a tree. In addition, while topping you expose cuts to the environment which makes a tree vulnerable to diseases and pests.

Trees Grow Faster After Pruning

It seems to be reasonable, but it’s not always true. It depends on many factors: how many branches you take away, tree species, season, region and many more. Sometimes wrong pruning can damage a tree and its growth will slow. But if you prune it right taking away broken, weak and diseased brunches along with small sucker offshoots, the tree will grow more intensively.

Any Cut Branch Grows Back

This is obviously wrong. It depends on a limb size: if it’s a mature branch, it will never recover. So don’t cut limbs as they regrow as nothing happened — it may cause severe damage and even kill a tree if you chop off too much.

When You Cut a Branch, the Cut Must Be Flush

Some people say that the final cut must be made to exactly repeat the surface of the trunk. It supposed to help a tree to heal the cut properly. In fact, trees don’t need additional help because it doesn’t even need to heal the wound — it just wraps it into new fresh wood. Since the wood can wrap up to 2 or 3 inches, it won’t be a problem to cover a micro stump. Just make sure you trim your tree right (cross-link to tree trimming) and cut limbs in a downward angle to prevent water gathering.

Tree Hollow Holes Should Be Filled with Concrete

It used to be a widespread opinion that concrete inside cavities will help to heal and grow properly. It’s wise in some ways: concrete is a barricade for insects and diseases. But it’s not an option because wood is flexible and a tree can bow under the wind, but the concrete cannot. This will cause wounds inside a tree and sometimes it may even break the trunk. There are less harmful ways to fill the hole — ask your local arborist company what to do with the hollow tree.

A Tree’s Roots are Mirror Reflection of Its Limbs

This one makes sense too: the most trees have similar diameters of the root system and crown. But it’s only about the diameter — the tree may be sky-high, but roots never go deep into the ground. They need oxygen, water, and nutrients that are present only in the first three feet of soil.

Don’t take too fast decisions — especially basing on your uncle Joe’s experience. Caring a tree is a matter requiring qualification and experience. Always call professionals to have a consultation before you take any steps.

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