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What you should know about tree topping ? Houston Tree Service

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Sometimes, when a tree becomes too tall, homeowners decide to top them. Topping is extensive cutting major and minor limbs, especially on the top of the tree. That’s why this operation is called so. It results in a tree without foliage, branches, and a crown at all. Topping is a severe operation. It’s often offered by inexperienced tree services as a panacea or an extreme measure. Topping is frequently considered to be just a pruning method. It’s sometimes meant to solve various issues.

  • Too tall tree

  • Fear of breaking in a stormy weather

  • Growing into utility lines or buildings

  • Leaning over a house

But tree topping is not the best way to resolve such problems. It may be an emergency measure, but nothing except it. Topping causes a lot of problems for a tree. Conroe Tree Service 

  1. Starvation and weakness. When you top a tree, you take away most or all of its leaves and major branches. It causes a heavy lack of nutrients. Sometimes it may kill the tree and cause additional problems.

  2. Sudden sunlight excess. A thick tree crown makes shade protecting the trunk from the light. Some trees’ bark gets stressed after such a light amount increasing. It may weaken a tree or cause disease. Especially after topping, when it doesn’t feel too good already.

  3. Decay. When vertical limbs are cut under the wrong angle, rainwater will gather in the cuts. It causes rotting in most cases.

  4. Pests and diseases. While the topping process arborists make dozens of cuts leaving exposed space on the tree. Open wounds will always attract insects like termites and ants. Also, this may cause diseases.

  5. Unpleasant look. A topped tree is not the most attracting thing you can see in your neighborhood. Especially when it couldn’t manage to regrow and died.

  6. Fast re-growth. A topped tree will try to recover quickly and show exquisite growth. It will need trimming soon enough. In addition, rapid growth doesn’t always go smoothly and the tree may become uneven or weak.

  7. Cost. Although this operation is meant to save money, it will bring extra spends in the future. More frequent trimming, removal of a dead tree, risk of damage by weakened branches. Also, the property cost may be reduced.

The best way to avoid emergencies and never top a tree is proper care. All you need is to examine your tree from time to time and sometimes consult with tree service specialists. They will tell you the optimal way to care about your tree. Usually, it takes crown reduction and pruning. Also, keep in mind the average mature size of a tree you are planting. If it will grow into a giant, don’t put it underwires and near structures. It will save you money and power because precautions are the best caution. Call your tree service office on time and regularly, and your tree will grow healthy, powerful and beautiful. Houston Tree Service 

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