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Stump Grinding services in Houston

houston stump grinding

A tree stump left in your yard can rest there for years, but sooner or later it will cause problems. It takes place on your lawn and its roots may be an obstacle to lawn mowing. Tree leftovers attract damaging insects like termites or ants. The stump also rots in most cases. Besides, it may be a problem if you decide to plant a new tree. After all, it often looks not very attractive.

Rotting, diseases and pests always spread to other plants on a yard. It all may affect also flowers or grass and even invade your house. The best decision is to get rid of the stump. Stump Grinding Service Houston

Grinding takes much less effort and expense than digging up the stump. There are roots left after grinding. If it’s okay for you, we suggest using a grinder machine. It is a powerful machine that shreds the stomp into small woodchips. Stump Grinding Service Houston

The process of stump grinding is not very easy and requires powerful expensive equipment and plenty of time. We recommend calling professionals for this job. But if you decide that you can handle it, here is some useful information about how it’s done.

Before getting started, make sure you have all the safety equipment: gloves, goggles, earplugs, etc. Be aware of approaching people and unplug the machine when it’s not in use. Remove all rocks from the area — they may break the grinding wheel.

A grinder is an expensive machine, but it’s possible to rent one. The most common features are a 25-hp engine and a 16-inch cutting wheel. The wheel usually has 16 steel teeth. It is enough for most cases except really huge stumps. You also need a truck that lifts 1,000 pounds to transport the grinder, but most rental companies can provide it. The average rental charge is ranged between $80 and $150 for a day. The final price depends on the location, season and a company’s prices. Delivery usually costs extra. Renting is especially profitable if you need to grind three stumps or more or going to share the machine with someone. Dealing with one or two stumps will cost less if made by a tree service. Stump Grinding Service Houston

A stump grinder is a big and loud mechanism, but it’s not too difficult to operate. When you are getting started, use a chainsaw to trim the stump near the ground and cut off big roots. This will speed up the whole process.

Move the lever to lift the grinding wheel above the stump rim then drive towards to it. Start spinning the wheel and slowly put it on the stump. Use the lever to move the wheel from side to side to cover all the stump. If needed, lift the wheel, move towards a bit and repeat the operation. Little by little go on moving to the opposite side of the stump. Shred it until the dug hole is about 4 inches beneath the ground level. During the process always stand on the control point distant from the wheel. Make sure you stopped the machine if you need to leave it. Stump Grinding Service Houston

After you finish just put seeds you want and water the soil. No worries if the hole appears a little deeper — just add some soil. You can utilize the woodchips left after the job is done. Some companies accept it for free, some of them take a little charge to make compost. Check the web for local companies doing it. Otherwise, you can spend it on your own needs like fertilizing the ground.

Anyway, the whole process requires effort and time. If you want to grind down one average stump it will be also an expense. We suggest you hiring pros for this job if you are not sure that doing it all by yourself is a reasonable idea.

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