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Tree pruning – purpose and timing / Houston Tree Service

Houston Tree Service / houston tree pruning

Pruning is one of the essentials of urban tree services. Forest trees can get by without it, but trees in your garden cannot. It is a simple but important operation that will help to solve several problems at once. houston tree service 

But if you decide to prune a tree by yourself, you must be cautious. It’s not safe for unqualified and inexperienced people — especially when the homeowner deals with large branches. On top of that, pruning must be made according to many rules and knowledge of tree biology. This job is best to be left for professional arborists. houston tree service 

Reasons to Prune

Health. Any tree gets some of its limbs damaged or dead — it’s natural and normal. But those branches must be removed on time. If you leave them on their places, your tree will be exposed to diseases, rot and insects. This also works for too large and splitting limbs, because they always tend to crack eventually — prevention is also important. Apart from that, another purpose is to get rid of crossing limbs as they may rub each other and tear bark which causes the same problems.
Safety. If a tree has too large branches or some of them seem to be weak, it’s important to prevent sudden breaking. With a simple regular pruning, you can save yourself a lot of money, effort and nerves. A well-pruned tree will less likely bring you bad surprises like a fallen branch on your car or someone from your family. houston tree removal 


Apart from utility purposes, pruning will make your tree look better. It will help to make the right shape of foliage and regulate the transparency of the crown. Pruning will make your tree a jewel in your yard.
Growth regulations. Sometimes trees interfere with something with their branches. In these cases, there may be a threat to your property on another tree. A broken window after windy weather or problems after sticking and rubbing with another tree will definitely not make you happier. Pruning can help with such cases, too — just restrict the size of limbs you need.
Help for young trees. A young tree will develop the way you want if you prune it starting from the second year. Also, it will help it to develop generally healthier and more pretty. houston tree removal 

Time to Prune

If you have weak, dead or diseased limbs, the best time for pruning is right now. Don’t postpone pruning too much, because it can result in problems for the tree and your whole garden. Consequently, it can result in serious expenses.
But, if the matter is simple regular pruning, the best time is early spring or late winter. This is the time when a tree has not started reviving after winter. It will be easier to recover for it if branches are removed before it starts to spend resources for foliage blossom. And remember that some trees will start soaking sap after a cut — this is normal and will not hurt your tree. houston tree removal 

Pruning is a good alternative for tree topping (cross link to tree topping). Topping is an extreme measure which must be avoided by all costs. Regular pruning will help you to maintain your tree’s right development and never top your tree. houston tree removal 

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