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What does Houston Tree Service include?

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There are lots of species of trees growing in Houston and all over south-east Texas. There are various oaks, palm trees, pecan trees, Bradford pear trees, sycamores, pines, Chinese tallons and many more. The one thing that connects every single one of them is that they need professional care.Houston Tree Service

The most common and often but yet vital thing about tree service in Houston is trimming. Trimming helps to keep the proper shape of a crown. When branches are hanging too low, it’s inconvenient and looks messy. In that case, specialists make an attentive examination of the tree to find excess branches that may be cropped without any damage to the tree. After that, the tree gets a new haircut and goes on growing strong and healthy. Also trimming is needed for proper lawn service to allow sunlight to reach the grass under the tree. It helps to keep the lawn green all over the territory without patches. This operation is usually done in the summertime when leaves are on the tree so a specialist can make it look the way it has to be. Trimming is recommended to be done once a year to once in two or three years depending on the situation. Houston Tree Service

Pruning is also an often operation in tree care. Pruning is cutting the top of the trunk accelerating the tree growth. Also, pruning means deleting all tree faults: limbs growing inside the tree, downward growing, broken and crossing branches. Overall this process helps the tree to stay strong and grow the right way without any defects. Trees are usually pruned in the period between October the 15th to February the 1st. This time of year trees is dropping their leaves so it’s easier to see defects in the crown or on the trunk. Plus, the life process inside the tree is slowed in the winter, so the pruning makes no harm to the tree. Usually, this process is made once a year or two depending on how fast the tree grows and how many problems it has during the growth. The first pruning in the tree’s lifespan is recommended at the mark of 18-24 months. It will help the tree to grow and develop the right way. Houston Tree Service

Another thing to be done in the tree service is after-storm cleaning. Houston is located close to the sea which means quite often and fierce storms. As a result of weather issues, trees sometimes are partly or completely broken. We recommend calling professionals if wind broke your tree because it might be dangerous when it cracks or falls. Specialists will also estimate the tree’s condition and will tell if it’s necessary to remove it or it can recover. Houston Tree Service

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