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What to do if a tree falls on a house

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Soon or late any tree falls. Reasons may be different: storms, old age, disease. This is a risk a homeowner takes during planting a tree. Trees must be examined on a regular basis to prevent such occasions but sometimes it’s quite hard to predict a fall. In addition, it’s even sometimes harder to predict where a tree falls. houston tree removal

Sometimes, especially as an aftermath of stormy weather trees fall on someone’s property. It may be a house, a car, different yard constructions. In such cases, a homeowner must know basic things about how to cope with that. houston tree removal

What If My Tree Falls On a Neighbor’s House or Car

If someone’s tree falls on a neighbor’s house or car it’s always a nervous situation. It is often asked who will take responsibility. First of all, try to avoid hassles and negotiate calmly. houston tree removal

If a tree falls the owner of the area where it grew cannot be responsible. Such occasions are considered as an act of nature which is almost impossible to predict. If someone’s property is damaged, this person must bear responsibility or contact an insurance company. But this will work only for a healthy tree which has fallen all of a sudden. If the tree was sick or dying and the owner of the territory knew that, the responsibility is on this person. Also, a person will be responsible if the tree fell after purposeful actions e.g. an attempt of cutting the tree without qualification. houston tree removal

But there is always space for negotiation. Sometimes there may be additional problems like insurance issues. Both sides may reach an agreement to take or split the expenses on their own will. In some cases, this may be the right decision. houston tree removal

Who to Contact If a Tree Fell

If all issues about a neighbor’s property are resolved, it’s time to take care of all other aspects of a fallen tree.

The first thing you must pay attention to is utility lines, especially electricity wires. If power lines are involved, you must be cautious as it’s dangerous even to stand nearby. Call your power company immediately. They may advise you to unplug all the electronics in the house or turn off the electricity at the house if it’s possible. houston tree removal

Then you must contact a professional arborist and your insurance company. Help them cooperate to make sure your insurance will cover all your expenditure. If it will not or agrees to pay only a part of a bill, it will be a complicated case which you will have to resolve. houston tree removal

Tree services usually arrive within an hour, but it depends on the situation in the city. If there was a storm, the demand for such services is very high as many people in the area need after-storm cleaning. If the tree fell on utility lines or blocked a road, don’t forget to mention that. houston tree removal

Apart from all that, remember that fallen trees are often dangerous. They may crack and hit someone. The case will only get worse if someone gets hurt. Don’t try to handle the tree by yourself and don’t let anyone do that. If needed, put signs around the tree and inside the house if some of the exits is leading to it. Always call a certified tree service company for emergency tree service.   houston tree removal

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