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Houston Tree Removal Services. Useful Tips

Houston Tree Removal

Sometimes there is a need to remove a tree. It may be caused by disease or death or be done by the owner’s request. Usually, it’s done for aesthetic, building or safety purposes. The tree may also interfere with other people’s property, other trees, roads or wires. In some situations, removal is the only reasonable option. Houston Tree Removal

If you want to cut down a tree by yourself, we will give you several instructions and tips. It will help you to remove an average-sized tree. But we highly recommend you to call a tree service if you are not sure you can handle it. Large trees should be removed only by specialists because guide ropes, professional tools, special equipment, and competence are essential for safe and qualified work. Houston Tree Removal

Tree removal is a time-consuming process. Don’t hurry to finish the job. It may result in inconveniences, property damage or injuries. The tree cutting is a quite dangerous process so make sure you take the safety measures. Houston Tree Removal

First of all, take a look at the area. There may be obstacles: other trees, fences, wires, piles, cars, buildings, etc. Make a plan of how you fell the tree without damage. Houston Tree Removal

Check if the tree has natural leaning. If it does, it’s the easiest way to fell the tree. If felling the tree to a natural leaning line can’t be done, make up a plan on how to clear the area or direct the tree to another way. Also you must check the trunk for open wounds and see if it is rotten or hollow. If it is, it’s best left for professionals. Such tree may be uncontrollable in felling and cracking, so the process may go completely wrong. Houston Tree Removal

Establish two escape routes you will use when the tree will fall — one on each side of the fall line. Routes must go 45 degrees to the falling line away from the top. Houston Tree Removal

The next step is removing branches and limbs. The more you can reach and cut the better. Use hand garden saw for small branches and chainsaw for thicker ones. If a tree is tall and you can’t reach the branches, use a ladder, but make sure it’s stable and best ask someone to hold it. Houston Tree Removal

Cutting has two vital steps

  1. Undercut. It’s made to direct the tree falling in the right way. Make a V-shaped notch cut on the side where you want the tree to fall. It must have 90 degrees and has a depth of ¼ of the trunk. Make it a meter off the ground to make the stump removal easier.
  2. Backcut. It’s made on the opposite side of the tree 2 or 3 inches higher than the undercut. Make it a straight 90-degrees line to the center of the trunk. This cut releases the force that holds the tree straight. Don’t cut it completely through because you lose control over the process.

When the tree starts falling, stop your chainsaw and use the prepared escape route. Don’t stand near the stump, because the tree can bounce back.

If you haven’t removed all the branches before felling (which is okay) do it when the tree is solidly lying on the ground. Make your way from the stump to the top. Houston Tree Removal

The log may be taken away or be used by the owner. If cut for firewood, cut it into 24-inch pieces for further chopping. If you are preparing the tree to be utilized, contact your local collection bylaw. Houston Tree Removal

Removing stump, transporting and utilizing best be left for professional because a lot of special equipment is required. Contact us to get full information about the best ways to get your tree removed. Houston Tree Removal

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