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Celtic Tree Zodiac – Part 1 / Baytown Tree Planting

Celtic Tree Zodiac

Serious tree service questions are not the only matter we should speak about. Some people find important to pay attention to mythical aspects of trees as they are one of the most long-living creatures on the planet. Some trees saw dozens of generations of our ancestors, so they definitely contain some hidden wisdom and power.

There is such thing as Celtic tree zodiac. It is the system of connections between a person’s date of birth, character, fate and spirit tree. It was invented by druids centuries ago and in some way may be an instruction about what tree to plant on your land. If spiritual connections are important to you, this article will be interesting for you. But, before you make the final decision about the species you want to grow in your garden, contact professional arborists and order a consultation. It’s crucial for the future tree’s health.

So, there are 13 signs in the Celtic tree zodiac. There is a tree associated with each sign — and many of them are nice options for tree planting in Baytown or another part of Houston.

The Achiever

People who were born on December 24 to January 20 are achievers. They have outstanding ambitions, power of will, dedication. They always attend to reach more. Their spirit tree is birch, the spirit animal is deer.

The Thinker

Thinkers are people born from January 21 to February 17. They are wise people with philosophical minds. Main features of this sign are big ideas, high intelligence and mind influence on the surrounding people. These people walk under the signs of rowan and cat.

The Enchanter

Druids considered people born on February 18 to March 17 to be powerful magicians. People born under this sign are most likely to have powerful imagination, artistic skills and ability to impress and inspire. The tree of this sign is ash, the animal is snake.

The Trailblazer

March 18 to April 14 is the period of trailblazers. They always can find paths anywhere using passion and dedication. They are similar to achievers but more charming and calculative, plus, they are a bit sneaky. These people have alder as their associated tree and fox as a spiritual animal.

The Observer

People who were born on April 15 to May 12 are natural observers. Their main characteristics are intuition, passion and attention. They look and they see — combined with high intelligence this makes them the perfect foreseers who can spot details and analyze. The sign tree for them is willow, the sign animal is the cow.

The Illusionist

People born on May 13 to June 9 are masters of illusions. They are exactly the ‘never judge a book by its cover’ type. Such people are good actors who rarely show their real inside world. These people are connected to hawthorns and seahorses.

So, trees have not only emotional and aesthetic connections to people. In some culture patterns, they are a significant part of the spiritual aspect of human life. If you are keen on developing your link to your sign, consider planting the specific tree — but always ask professional arborists about how this tree will do in your climate area. Especially if we are talking about Baytown tree planting or another nearby area.

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