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Emergency Tree Service in Houston, TX

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Sometimes tree care is an urgent question. A storm or non-professionals’ action may cause a situation that may be fixed only by professionals. We highly recommend estimating the job carefully. Best leave it to specialists in all cases, especially if you are not sure you can handle that.

The situation when your tree is a treat may appear suddenly. You may not understand how serious it is, so there is a guide about reasons to call a tree emergency. The common feature among them is that a tree intends to fall completely or partly.  Remember that emergency tree service is called so because amateurs are not supposed to do that. In all cases below call a tree service office. Emergency Tree Service in Houston

A tree was damaged during a storm

The most often emergency situation is storm aftermath. Storms happen during all seasons in Houston. Tree hit by stormy winds may be split, uplifted from soil or even have a trunk break. Large limbs may be a problem, too. Trees often fall on buildings, cars and other objects. If you go outside after a storm and see a leaning broken tree that can fall any minute – it’s the sign. You also should pay attention to your tree during the very storm if it’s very big and has a broad crown.

A fallen tree is blocking a road, sidewalk or house entrance

It is a frequent situation, too. A tree that fell because of strong winds, being dead or failed attempt of cutting down may fall in a place that should not be blocked. Often fallen trees block garages, houses, roads, and sidewalks. It’s a problem that has to be solved immediately. Don’t think too long to call your local tree service office for emergency help with it. Emergency Tree Service in Houston

A tree leans too close to utility lines

Trees threatening utility lines such as wires or pipes are the reason to call pros, too. Especially when power lines are involved. In this case, don’t ever try to handle it by yourself and leave it to competent people. Emergency Tree Service in Houston

A tree may fall on a building or a fence

Sometimes old or dead trees lean in some directions by natural reasons. A big tree falling on a house may cause severe damage to the roof, windows, and walls. If you see that your tree is suddenly changing its angle, don’t delay the call to a tree service office. Repairing or reconstructing a house is much more expensive. Emergency Tree Service in Houston

A root system damage

Such a case may be an emergency too. A trunk may not have visible problems, but diseased or damaged roots may cause an unexpected tree fall. Along with tree leaning, you may notice disturbed soil around the tree. If a tree loses its anchor for some reason, it may collapse all of a sudden. Emergency Tree Service in Houston

A weak trunk caused by rot or disease

Sometimes diseases or rotting compromise the durability of the trunks. If you notice that the bark falls off, the trunk is hollow or other symptoms of the close tree’s death, call the specialists. The collapse may happen anytime and cause regrettable consequences. Emergency Tree Service in Houston

It’s also important to remember that regular tree care can decrease the possibility of an emergency. Inspecting your tree for diseases, pruning and lifting the crown can save your money and effort in the future.

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