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Famous Legends About Trees, Part 1 / Texas City

Trees Legends

Trees always had an important part in human life. From the very ancient times, they surrounded us and gave us food, shelter, materials for many different things. No surprise that people worshiped trees so they remained imprinted in dozens of different world cultures as legends, myths, and symbols.

In this article, we are going to tell you about some legendary and mythological trees. Some of them are fully unreal, but some grow in real life. In some cases, you can even take it as a guide for tree planting in Texas City. But before you take any actions we suggest contacting professional tree service company from your area: it may save you money and effort with professional advice because not all the species feel well in conditions of South Texas.

The Kalpa Tree

The Kalpa Tree originates from Indian mythology, where it has full name Kalpavriksha. It’s not actually a certain tree, but it’s a complex concept of a spirit that fulfills wishes. Kalpa is associated with a tree because it has the visual form of a tree that can be seen by a person. It grants people’s wishes, not like a genie who just gives what was asked, but it’s believed to have a connection to gods and help a person in different challenges to come.

The Eternal Banyan Tree

In accordance with some legend varieties, Buddha sat under a banyan tree. Since banyans are real trees, they are sacred in some ways across Asia. Some people believe these multi-trunked trees have magical nature: the most widespread concept that banyans never stop spreading roots which makes them immortal species. They say that banyan roots are so deep that even if someone cuts the tree to the ground, it will fully recover.


Yggdrasil is the conceptual world tree in Nordic mythology. It’s also considered as the tree of life and often described with an eagle sitting on the top (which is the symbol of god Odin) and serpent lying beneath (which is the symbol of the underworld).

There are tales that Odin, in order to find wisdom and strength, went on a journey and found Yggdrasil. He went through a story which many people compare to the path of Jesus and hanged himself on the tree for 9 days and 9 nights. As a result, Odin gained the power and wisdom of ancient runes.


There is a bit weird legend popular in Thailand and India: it tells about trees named Nariphon. According to the original story god Indra created 12 Nariphons in the special sacred place for spiritual practice. He did it to stop the invasion of pilgrims who gained too much spiritual power and distracted him from meditation. The thing is these trees gave fruits of miniature small women. Legends say that they were very attractive and alive in some way — but anyone who detached them lost his reproductive abilities and power of spirit and magic.

If these were real it would be an interesting choice to decorate your front yard, wouldn’t it?


Another mythical tree with human-alike fruits Jinmenju. This legend originates from Japan and seems to be a bit strange much like the previous one. Tales tell that Jinmenjus grow in mountains far away from human habitats so no one can find them easily. The unique part is that the fruits look like human heads with faces. They make no harm, just laugh to people who show up at a close distance. It scares most people, but legends say that brave one who laughs back will see the fruits fall from the tree. Legends also say that they are edible and very tasty.

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