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How to care about your tree when spring comes / Houston Tree Services

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In the late winter when spring is approaching it is important to take care of your tree. Sometimes people think that the tree will recover as always but there are several measures to help it. Keep an eye on your calendar and don’t forget about your yard. Also, if you think you need more details, don’t hesitate to contact a professional arborist companySo here are some things you need to do every beginning of spring in order to keep your tree healthy and strong.  tree removal houston 


houston tree service tree removalWhen winter is coming to an end, go outside and take a deep look at your tree. Winter is basically a hard time for trees, so it’s important to make sure everything is generally okay. But if you notice that the lean angle changed or trunk became hollow or the tree is damaged, you need to take care of it. Talk to a specialist and get to know what to do. tree removal houston

Clean Up

Take a moment to clean the area from all kinds of debris: bark pieces, fallen leaves, wraps. Sometimes people think that additional mulch appearing after leaves rot is good. But that is correct only for trees in a forest. If all these remains start to rot in warm and wet weather, all your yard may fall sick. tree removal houston


Trimming is an important matter, too. Often limbs break under a weight of huge snowbanks or after severe winter winds. Examine your tree for broken limbs before leaves start to grow and tree lose resources to heal the broken limb. Also, it will keep the size of your tree under control. In addition, several last weeks are perfect for pruning: cold weather passed but the tree hasn’t started its summer stage. tree removal houston

Add Mulch

houston tree service tree removalYour tree will need additional nutrients once it wakes up. Don’t forget to mulch the soil: usually, it takes the radius of three to ten feet depending on the size. It will help the tree to develop the right way without issues caused by starving. Use the same mulch that you usually apply. The most popular kinds are wood chips, clipped grass, compost, and chemical fertilizers. If you hesitate which one is better in your case, order consultation with a specialist. tree removal houston

Plant New Trees

If you had an idea to add more trees to your territory, spring is the perfect time for all species. Soil is wet and full of nutrients in spring. Also, the young tree will spread roots and gain strength before hot summer days come. But we recommend you prepare to plant a tree in advance so you can create the right conditions for your future green giant. tree removal houston

Also, don’t forget about water draining if there are too much melt and rainwater. Too much moisture can hurt a tree.

So, spring is a very important time for a tree so it needs additional attention. Take care about your tree in spring and it will ease both its and your lives: the tree will grow better and stronger and you will not have to solve big problems with it. The steps are quite simple, but if you feel like you need an additional consultation, please call us and we will provide you with advice about your yard care. tree removal houston

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