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How to Help a Tree with Drought / Baytown Tree Service compress image 1 - Tree Removal & Tree Trimming

As a matter of fact, Texas is an area where droughts happen from time to time. Even the near-sea regions are subjects to long dry weather. It’s important to know how to protect your tree from drought even in Baytown — although it’s located on the seashore.

It’s always a severe challenge for trees to overcome the long period of water lack. Especially for trees on your yard — wild forests regenerate themselves and fight dry weather in Texas well enough, but your domestic trees need proper service. A lack of water and desolating heat make a huge impact on trees and make them suffer big problems. Unfortunately, not all the trees are capable to survive in conditions of drought. But a wise homeowner can try to help the green friend on your property to get by. If you feel like you need professional help, don’t hesitate to order a consultation from your local arborist company in Baytown. They will help you to make a plan on how to help a tree in dry weather.

There are several obvious and easily visible symptoms:

  • Dead and dry foliage;
  • A lack of leaves;
  • Uncolored or undeveloped leaves;
  • Unexpected yellowing;
  • Untimely foliage drop.

If you see any of these on your tree, it’s time you should be concerned. Take a closer look at the tree and look for less significant problems:

  • Improper branch growth and development;
  • Small and abortive buds;
  • Signs of bugs invasion: tracks and holes;
  • For heavier cases, bark drying and cracking.

Solution Measures

There are several measures that can help your tree to fight the drought. But, before all of them, the main and the most important one is observation. Pay attention to your tree to detect a problem on the starting state. It will help you to solve it more efficiently and with higher chances of success.

Watering compress image 2 - Tree Removal & Tree Trimming

Obviously, when a tree suffers a lack of moisture, it must be watered. The thing is that you must water it more often if it’s a long period of no rain outside. No rain means no natural water support. If 

nature can’t help with water, the owner must do that. It’s very simple but very important. If you can’t decide how to water your tree right, contact your tree service company and ask about it.

Water slow, deep and regularly. The higher the temperature outside, the higher the frequency of watering must be. Try not to water in the middle of the day when the water will partly vaporize before reaching roots.

Soil Check

When you plan measures for drought protection for a tree in Texas, keep in mind that there are a lot of different soil types all over the state. Different soil types and contents require different handling. For example, water will run off and will not penetrate the soil in some cases. You will need to take additional measures to water properly. In addition, there is a difference in fertilizing for various soil kinds.

Another aspect of attention to your soil is checking the level of humidity. Take something long and hard like a screwdriver and push it into the ground. If you can dip it at least for 6 inches without big effort, the soil is wet enough. If it’s not, it will be quite hard to immerse the tool.

Additional Measures

Long periods of hot and dry weather is the time when damaging pests are especially active. They will invade a weakened tree and make additional problems. Examine your tree for signs of pest invasion on a regular basis and always ask a tree doctor for help to protect a tree from insects.

In addition, mulching is a must in drought periods. Use organic mulch to cover the root area. It will help the tree to save moisture and get by with the heat better.

Don’t do regular pruning during the drought unless it’s an urgent matter. A weakened tree will be stressed out by losing more leaves and branches. It will be hard to recover in conditions of energy and resources lack.

And the last recommendation: it’s perfect to have a tank with a water supply. If something goes wrong with the weather, it will help you to keep your garden alive at least for the first time.

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