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The Best Decorative Trees / Texas City Tree Service

The best decorative trees in Texas

Planting trees is always about making your yard more aesthetically attractive. Some people love big majestic trees like oaks but planting a smaller tree which will blossom or bring fruits is a thing, too. It’s not always an easy pick about what tree to plant in Texas City but we got this covered — we are bringing you 5 options of the best ornamental trees. 

All of them are native to Texas but we recommend you to order a consultation of pros because there may be hidden obstacles like soil issues or specific care.

Texas Mountain Laurel

This is an evergreen plant reaching a state of a shrub or a small tree up to 15-20 feet. It has several trunks and usually wide round shape. This one does well on rocky ground but needs good drainage. The main decorative feature of Texas mountain laurels is blooming — they usually open buds in march and cover with beautiful violet flowers. They usually result in white pods in late summer. But keep in mind that beans inside pods are inedible and even can poison if eaten in big amounts. If you have kids, take care of their awareness.

Texas Vitex

Vitex, which is sometimes called a Texas lilac is another native tree that can be planted in Texas city. It also grows into a small tree or a shrub with a wide top. Being a native to the area, vitexes are resistant to droughts and sunny weather. This species usually bloom in September reaching out with small purple flowers gathered in groups. It looks much like lavender and spreads a nice scent around. These plants don’t need special tree service but the blossom looks even better if the tree is pruned right.

Crape Myrtle

Myrtles are one of the classic decorative trees in Texas. They reach an average height of 20 feet as an adult and usually have a single trunk and widespread crown. Moderate watering and sunny weather are normal conditions for this kind. Myrtles drop leaves for winter turning yellow and red before falling. Depending on the species, myrtles have lush red, pink or purple flowers. They attract bees with scent and birds as a habitat.

Japanese Maple

This one usually grows a bit taller than previous — usually, Japanese maples reach 30 feet. Japanese Maples are not a native species in the South and don’t like too much sun. But if you have a shady area, they may be a good addition to your property. This ornamental tree doesn’t feature blooming but has outstanding foliage. Leaves appear in the spring being green and then turn orange and red throughout the summer season. They drop during early fall so keep in mind that your maple will require cleaning your yard from time to time. Also, tree trimming is essential for this one as it will get better and prettier.

Purple Leaf Plum

Purple Leaf Plums are one of the most common trees growing in Texas. You can find it both in public areas like parks and on private property. You can identify them by the single trunk, the average height of approximately 25 feet and flowers — they are usually white or tender pink. Plums look good even when they don’t bloom thanks to nice bark texture and big crown. They get by quite well with moderate watering and sun, so you will not have to bother about them too much.


The best decorative trees in Texas

Another thing you can set with small decorative trees is fencing. A good green addition to your boring fence always makes the sight better.

We will come back to you soon with the second part of the trees that can be planted in Texas city or other close areas. But keep in mind that it’s best to be discussed with a professional tree service company in Texas so we advise you to contact your local tree specialist and consult with them.

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