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Tree Planting Houston

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Planting a tree on your yard is always a good decision. Trees create a shadow that cools your yard and makes it comfortable to spend time on. If the shadow lies on the house it may even decrease your air condition expenditure. Trees clean the air you breathe, support wild animals and birds. A tree may help with water runoff after rains as they soak up moisture. A flood on your yard is less possible when there is a tree or two. After all, trees are just beautiful, especially when cared properly.

Picking a tree to plant is a tough question. There is a good variety of trees growing in Houston. We recommend you to consult with a pro before planting a tree. This will save you time, money and effort helping to avoid unexpected problems. But if you want to try it yourself, here is helpful information about tree planting in Houston. Tree Planting Houston

First, choose a tree you want to see in your garden.

  • Cherry laurels and desert willows grow quite quickly and don’t turn into giants when they get mature. Willows also bloom during fall and that looks pretty.
  • Drummond maples and green ashes also grow quick but they become really large and broad. They make a good shade in the area.
  • Possumhaw hollies don’t get too large (8-20 feet) but attract birds. Also, it blooms and even can provide fruits.
  • Rusty blackhaw viburnums grow a bit slowly and reach an average height of 10 to 30 feet.
  • Texas olives are evergreens and don’t need much water – quite a convenient option. They also attract birds, butterflies, and animals with flowers and fruits.
  • Bur oaks are natives to Texas and grow into magnificent trees up to 80 feet tall. Live oaks can reach even 100 feet. Both can survive in poor soil and dry weather.
  • Chinese pistache trees are an option for creating a good shade, too, but they reach only an average size of 40 feet. This one is durable to bad weather, insects and can get by in different soil types.
  • River birches are durable to tough soil and standing water. They reach an average height of 40 feet.

If you don’t want to spend too much time choosing, just check your neighborhood for trees you like. It’s the easiest and a visually simple way to pick a tree to plant. Tree Planting Houston

Once you have chosen a tree and bought a seedling, you need to plant it. Pick a place you like, but don’t forget that the tree must not grow into overhead utility lines or interfere with other trees. Large trees are usually put in the backyard, average ones may be placed in front of the house. Tree Planting Houston

  1. Make sure you won’t interfere with underground utility lines.
  2. Dig a hole with a depth of the root ball but 2-3 times wider.
  3. Remove the container and put the tree into the hole.
  4. Make the tree stand straight. Use someone’s help to detect if it’s straight. Place supports to help it to stand still.
  5. Fill the hole firmly. Don’t press the ground too thick, because new roots will need oxygen to develop.
  6. Mulch the area. Leave several inches diameter from the trunk exposed and put leaves, woodchips or compost on the rest of the surroundings.

After the job is done, it’s important to provide the following care. Water the tree daily during the first week, then do it each two days for two weeks and then do it two times a week for a month. Fertilize the soil if needed. Tree Planting Houston

Care may vary depending on species’ needs. Make sure you treat your new tree right. Professional tree service employees can help you with this question.

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