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Tree trimming is an essential thing in tree care

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Tree trimming is an essential thing in tree care. It’s the most regular and often procedure due to several important purposes.

  • Trimming saves trees from diseases. Regular examination cutting infected limbs on time will prevent spreading. It’s much easier than try to save a sick tree or remove it when it’s too late.
  • If broken limbs are not cut down the right way, water will gather in the broken limb and cause rotting. Also cutting down broken branches will prevent insect invasion.
  • Trimming can be made for safety purposes. When branches hang too loose or low, they may obstruct walking under the tree. Trees grown too wide may cause damage if branches hit a building in windy weather. Branches may touch electricity wires or other utility lines and other people’s property. If power wires are hanging near the tree, never try to trim it by yourself and leave the job to professional services.
  • And the last reason is aesthetic. A well-shaped tree simply looks pleasant.

Before get down to work, make the necessary preparations. Sharpen, repair and oil your tools, if needed. Dull or malfunctioning tools can spoil the whole job injuring the tree and you. Take away all obstacles from under a tree to prevent damage from fallen limbs. Take all needed safety measures — gloves, glasses, etc. In addition, if you are dealing with a disease, make a 10 percent bleach solution. Dip your blade before each cut to avoid spreading. Tree trimming Houston

Start the inspection from the top and make your way downwards. Never cut off more than ¼ of a crown per season — this will weaken the tree. Make downward angle cuts so water can’t gather cause rotting there. For the same reason don’t cut branches growing straight upward. Tree trimming Houston

To cut a branch first locate its collar. The collar is a thick area around the branch base where it comes out of the trunk. It’s usually darker or thicker and may have ridges or a bit different bark. Cut right after that area — it lets the tree restore properly. Also, don’t leave stubs — trees can heal up when there is a short cut left. Tree trimming Houston

The following process is easy. Just locate all weak, dead, sick or broken branches and cut them down. Also, pay attention to crossing branches as they can sometimes stick together while growing. It may be reasonable to remove them. Tree trimming Houston

Always remove all suckers off the tree. Suckers are new small branches growing directly from the trunk. Such limbs will never grow into proper limbs, but waste resources the tree needs.

If you are new to trimming and pruning by yourself, take your time. Don’t hurry, make a plan to spend enough time on it. It’s also important not to overdo trimming. The process is not that easy, so start with small parts of the job and go on carefully. Large limbs are quite heavy and may hurt someone when they fall. During the work check the crown look and shape regularly to know that you are doing everything right. Tree trimming Houston

Trimming is usually made once a year or less frequently. It depends on the tree species, it’s health and age. The perfect season for trimming is ‘maple sugar time’ – the period from January the 1st to March the 10th. This timing will let the tree cover the cuts before tree-eating beetles are active. Tree trimming Houston

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