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Trees Helpful for Health / Houston Tree Tips

Trees Helpful for Health

Trees are human’s friends who may be helpful to us in numerous ways. There are not only shade on your area, a good look and a place to build a treehouse for your children. Trees can grant you benefit as cures. And we are speaking not about fresh air — there are literally things you can eat or drink for medical use, even if we are talking about simple yard trees.

Useful trees are common for Houston. You can find them everywhere or plant some on your own property. Call your local arborist in Houston or another part of South Texas and order a consultation about tree planting. It will save you money and effort. Apart from that, we recommend consulting a specialist before following our tips. We can’t be held responsible if some of them affect your health.

Yaupon Holly Leaves

We have told you about this beautiful species in recent material about the best choices of decorative trees in Houston. This tree is not only a pearl of your front yard with pretty flowers — its leaves contain caffeine in good concentration. You can simply gather them and boil in fresh or dried condition to get a nice tea. Its taste is a bit specific, but specialists say it’s good for the brain, productiveness and improves mood.

Oak Bark

Oak has been known for its healing nature for centuries. It’s a symbol of inner power, health and long life in many different world cultures. The reason is that oaks provided food, wood as construction materials and, of course, medicines. Grind oak bark and boil it to make tea and it will be a help with diarrhea, diuretic, aching throat.

But be sure to take bark properly. Don’t take too much and don’t peel it in circles around the trunk. The exposed trunk surface will attract diseases and insects, so we recommend covering it as an invasion protection measure.

Pine Needles and Nuts

Pine seems to be quite an ordinary species, but it’s not so basic as it can seem at the first glance. Pines are one of the most long-living species among trees and they can contain incredible power inside. It’s not too hard to extract that power — just make a tee out of washed young pine needles. Such a drink contains a lot of vitamin C and also taste and smell good. But not all the species are suitable for such use. These ones must not be used this way due to their toxins:

  • Norfolk Island Pine
  • Yew
  • Western Yellow Pine
  • Ponderosa Pine (Bull Pine)
  • Blackjack Pine

On top of that, all sorts of pine nuts can be eaten. They are full of antioxidants, plant proteins, and healthy fats. They are also tasty and sometimes used in cooking and confectionery.

Slippery Elm Bark

This one is not a very common pick for planting in Texas. Slippery elms are not very attractive and high unlike their majestic relative — the American elm. But it’s still quite common for the USA in many areas. And, unlike the American elm, Slippery is useful in medical meaning. This elm is called slippery because it has an under-bark layer that has the consistency of a gel. It has soothing features, so it may be used as a cure for wound healing, sick throat and glands, cough. You can even brew a tea from it and apply it to sore eyes.

Trees are human’s buddies not only in area utility ways. They can also assist in health issues solving. Anyway, trees are always nearby and can help you with their own juice, leaves and fruits.

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