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Uplifting / Tree Services in Houston

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Crown uplifting is a process of trimming lower branches to decrease the crown size on the lower level. This process is often a part of simple pruning. The process does not usually include removing major limbs from the trunk, but sometimes it’s an option, too. Along with the removal, uplifting in some occasions mean preparing limbs to be removed in the future. Houston tree service

Increasing distance between limbs and ground is mainly done to let sunlight reach the soil and roots. It’s useful for a tree and lawn under it as it helps to avoid the patchy look of the grass. Mature and old trees often come out of control in growth, so uplifting is the most actual for big ones like an oak or maple. In some states, there are regulations that restrict minimum clearance over driveways and sidewalks — uplifting operation solves such issues, too. When not maintained properly, overgrown trees may also interfere with buildings below. Along with utility purposes, it’s important for the tree’s health because too low crown put stress on the tree. For the complete list of benefits and reasons for such a measure along with estimating of necessity, we recommend contacting professional tree service. Specialists will tell for sure if it’s really needed to do. Houston tree service

The process is simple enough. It’s done like regular trimming except for the fact that you have to deal only with lower branches. Prune only the lower ⅓ of the tree. And don’t cut major limbs as it may hurt the tree too bad. If you are not sure about removing some of the limbs, consult with pros to make it clear. Houston tree service

There are some possible problems caused by improper uplifting. The tree trunk may get discolored, especially after a long time with the overgrown lower part of the crown. It’s actually not really bad for most cases, but some species may suffer a sunburn which affects their health. A worse problem is when cuts are made not accurate. Rainwater may gather in cuts of limbs directing straight up and that may cause decay. Also, improper cuts attract damaging insects like different beetles or termites. If you remove too many branches, the tree may get weak. If so, it will need additional care to help it restore. Some species accelerate their growth after a crown uplifting and get taller. Keep this in mind if you don’t want to get a too big tree on your yard. Houston tree service

The perfect ratio is when half of the leaves grow on the lower ⅔ of the tree. Due to this rule, major limbs should remain crown lifting. Cut minor ones growing out of the major ones and directly out of the trunk. If the tree may be hurt by a sudden sunlight excess, uplifting should be split into several sessions divided by a year. Order a consultation at a tree service office to make sure uplifting is necessary and will go smooth. And, of course, during the work take all the safety precautions for yourself and the surrounding area.Houston tree service

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