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What tree to plant in Texas / Houston Residence Tree Service

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There are a lot of different climate zones in the USA. Climate is one of the determining factors when you pick a tree to plant on your territory. Some trees are okay with the Texas climate, some can’t stand it — so it’s not too easy to decide what tree you want to plant.

We have prepared several recommendations about tree species. They will definitely fit the weather and soil type and will not bring you too many problems.


Oaks are widely known by their endurance for different conditions. Some people say that oaks are the trees that can survive almost anywhere — and that’s generally true.

The most common species for Texas are Live and Bur oaks. Their average height in the mature age is around 50ft. They grow into green giants with monumental trunks and massive foliage. You should take it into consideration if you don’t want to have a too large tree in your garden.


Elm is another popular species in Texas. It’s also quite durable to different severe conditions like Texas heat. In autumn elms usually are painted in beautiful golden and orange colors. The most common variations are the American elm, Cedar elm and Lacebark elm.

They grow a bit smaller than oaks — around 40ft on average. This kind of trees don’t need too much care and usually grow strong with only basic service. Please notice that elms are not evergreen trees so they drop the leaves in autumn.


Another great choice is the Texas ebony. It’s quite drought resistant which helps it to cope with the climate in Houston and surroundings. This kind is a Texas native, so it’s one of the best candidates to take place in your backyard.

Ebonies are average tall — usually, around 25-30ft. They are evergreens and blossom every year with small white flowers and it looks adorable. They also give pod fruits that sometimes wildlife that eats it. Keep that in mind if you don’t like birds around your house.


Another widespread Texas native is the Bald cypress. They easily withstand the poorly watered soil and heat but can deal with wet weather too. On top of that, a cypress is aesthetically attractive with its slim pyramid shape. houston tree planting

A cypress can grow quite high — up to 80ft or even 100ft sometimes. If you want to plant a cypress near your house, notice that it will reach this height in 30-40 years. At that point stormy winds may be a serious problem for your green friend wich can turn into a threat to your property and your family. houston tree planting

Desert Willows

The smallest but probably the most pretty one in this list is a desert willow. It’s a Texas native, too, so you won’t bother too much about care. Just do the standard tree services regularly and it will be fine. houston tree planting

Willows’ average height is around 20-25ft. It’s generally a small tree with a thin trunk that looks elegant. Another nice attractive feature is its blossom: it has small light-purple flowers shaped like little bells. Willows usually bloom at the end of summer.

These are common recommendations about the tree species: all the present kinds are easy to care and feel comfortable with the Houston climate. If you need additional consultation about the weather, soil and what tree to pick, call a certified arborist to get professional advice. This will definitely save you from unexpected expenses and too big effort. houston tree planting

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