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Celtic Tree Zodiac – Part 2 / Baytown Tree Planting

Celtic Tree Zodiac

Sometimes trees to plant are not chosen by professional advice. Some people pick their green friends by heart’s call or according to the spiritual and mythological aspects of life. There are plenty of different astrological and other sign systems. There are a lot of people in Baytown and area who take those as guidance on what tree to plant.

There is a Celtic astrological sign system. It is a mix of classical western people character zodiac, spiritual animals and spiritual trees. Celtic zodiac was invented by druids centuries ago and some people believe in it and count it in questions of tree service. This is the continuation of the first part of the Celtic sign list. If you haven’t seen it, please take a look at it first.

But we still recommend contacting a professional arborist company and have a consultation before planting some specific tree. Not all trees can do well in the Texas climate.

The Stabilizer

Druids considered people who were born on June 10 to July 7 to be extraordinarily strong, generous and helpful. Stabilizers are the ones who always help the oppressed and keep everything in order. They are also known to have health as strong as an oak — which is their sign tree. The stabilizers’ spiritual animal is the wren.

The Ruler

Celts believed that people who were born between July 8 and August 4 were Rulers. It means that children born in that period will grow to be noble and highly intelligent leaders. ‘Rulers are born to have power’ – druids said. These people are also known to be generous, wise and have strategic skills. Their tree sign is the holly, the spirit animal is the horse.

The Knower

August 5 to September 1 is the period of knowers. People who were born in that period of time stand out with their knowledge base and learning skills. A knower is usually a highly efficient, intelligent and informed person. Such people love to gather, analyze and structuralize information. The knowers are born under the signs of hazel and salmon.

The Equalizer

Born within the first fall month — September 2 and 29 — people are predestined to be equalizers. Their main ability is to see all sides of any situation and understand all the positions. They may cause contradictions and uncertainty, but equalizers usually care about their lives having good taste in clothes, art, food and drinks. Equalizers walk under the signs of vine and swan.

The Survivor

Survivors, who were born on September 30 to October 27, are the toughest people in the whole chart. They can overcome any odds with the power of will, dedication and loyalty. Such people never complain and always there to offer a helping hand to those who are facing problems and challenges. These people are connected with the Ivy sign and the Butterfly spiritual animal.

The Inquisitor

Celtic druids called people who were born between October 28 and November 24 inquisitors. They assumed that such people do well in keeping secrets and revealing the truth. Inquisitors are fans of good stories and breathtaking facts — so they often become good writers, journalists, detectives and historians. Inquisitors have reeds as their spiritual trees and wolves as spiritual animals.

The Seeker

Seekers are people who were born in the period between November 25 and December 23. These are people who love freedom and themselves. They sometimes appear to be a bit wild, but they just want to experience the maximum of possible things in life. Seekers are connected to the elder as the spirit tree and freedom-loving hawk as a spirit animal.


So, here are 13 signs of the Celtic druid system. Find yourself and look at what it says. You can use it for tree planting picking decisions in Baytown or other nearby areas. But we recommend asking for consultation of a professional arborist as not all the species are native to Texas weather and soil. But it’s not too hard to find alternatives.

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