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How to Water Trees in Texas / Tree Service in Houston

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Tree service and tree care starts with the most common element in the world — water. It’s critically important to water trees properly, especially in Texas. Although the sea is nearby, Houston with Baytown and Texas City may be very hot and dry in summer. Every homeowner must care about the water level for trees on their property.

A tree may look passive outside, but the root system is always in demand of moisture as it struggles to grow and fight for nutrients. It’s impossible to digest nutrients without water.

Many factors determine the amount and frequency of watering. They include the tree species, current weather, season and type of soil. How to water trees in Texas

  • As a rule, the younger the tree, the more water it needs to get by. Older established trees are more independent.
  • When it hasn’t been raining in a while, your tree is most probably thirsty. Pay attention to the weather forecast and the current climate trees don’t always indicate the lack of water with the appearance.
  • Consult with your arborist company about the soil type. In some cases, additional watering is crucial. How to water trees in Texas

Watering Young Trees

Within the first several months a tree’s root system is developing rapidly. At first, it’s concentrated within the original root clod, but then new roots are spreading around. At this point, the young seedling needs a lot of water to grow properly. Water newly planted trees within 2 or 3 feet around the trunk.

As the tree grows bigger, expand the watering area. In six months most trees have root system radius equal to the foliage. Keep that in mind when you care about your tree. We recommend you to keep additionally watering your young tree up to two years depending on the species. How to water trees in Texas

Watering Older Trees

It’s a popular legend that a tree’s root system is a mirror reflection of the canopy. It’s true that the radiuses of the roots and foliage are approximately the same. But roots don’t penetrate into the ground deeper than for 20 inches. It means that a mature tree can’t support itself with the groundwater as many people believe.

Keep an eye on your mature tree for its whole lifespan. It may suffer a lack of moisture, but you may never know. Order a consultation — the easiest way is to ask for one when you order tree trimming next time.

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There is an easy way to check your current soil condition. Take something long, thin and sharp: for example, a knife or a screwdriver. Poke it into the ground under your tree. It will be easy to push if the soil is well-watered. But if you can’t penetrate for at least 5 inches, the area is quite dry and your tree most probably needs water. How to water trees in Texas

These rules will work for all the areas around Houston. Keep these in mind so your green friends do well and you won’t need a sudden tree removal or cleaning dry leftovers. Care about trees in your garden, water them on time and they will bring you a shade and nice view for a long time.

By the way, garden sprinklers seem to be very efficient and because of that, they are widely spread among homeowners. But they lose up to 50% of moisture because of evaporation. Trees love slow watering right around them. If you care about your trees, apply water manually — it doesn’t actually take much time. How to water trees in Texas

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