What to do if a tree falls on a house

Soon or late any tree falls. Reasons may be different: storms, old age, disease. This is a risk a homeowner takes during planting a tree. Trees must be examined on a regular basis to prevent such occasions but sometimes it’s quite hard to predict a fall. In addition, it’s even sometimes harder to predict where a tree falls. houston tree removal

How to protect a tree during construcion / Houston Tree Service Company

If you are planning construction on your property, it is important to take care of trees. The building process can affect trees as much as trees may affect the building process. Before you get started, you must prepare your area and take measures to protect your tree.

How to care about your tree when spring comes / Houston Tree Services

In the late winter when spring is approaching it is important to take care of your tree. Sometimes people think that the tree will recover as always but there are several measures to help it. Keep an eye on your calendar and don’t forget about your yard. Also, if you think you need more details, don’t hesitate to contact a professional arborist company. So here are some things you need to do every beginning of spring in order to keep your tree healthy and strong.  tree removal houston 

Determining Factors in a Tree Removal Houston

Sometimes it’s a tough decision to cut down a tree in your yard. It may be about emotional fondness but the main problem is to detect if it’s really necessary.

Uplifting / Tree Services in Houston

Crown uplifting is a process of trimming lower branches to decrease the crown size on the lower level. This process is often a part of simple pruning. The process does not usually include removing major limbs from the trunk, but sometimes it’s an option, too. Along with the removal, uplifting in some occasions mean preparing limbs to be removed in the future. Houston tree service

Tree trimming is an essential thing in tree care

Tree trimming is an essential thing in tree care. It’s the most regular and often procedure due to several important purposes.

Fencing services in Houston

Along with the specter of tree services we provide wood fencing services. We consult, build and care for all the variety of wooden fences in Houston. We help to pick the optimal wood type to meet your budget and needs. We make fences that secure yards, look nice and stand long.

What you should know about tree topping ? Houston Tree Service

Sometimes, when a tree becomes too tall, homeowners decide to top them. Topping is extensive cutting major and minor limbs, especially on the top of the tree. That’s why this operation is called so. It results in a tree without foliage, branches, and a crown at all. Topping is a severe operation. It’s often offered by inexperienced tree services as a panacea or an extreme measure. Topping is frequently considered to be just a pruning method. It’s sometimes meant to solve various issues.

Tree Planting Houston

Planting a tree on your yard is always a good decision. Trees create a shadow that cools your yard and makes it comfortable to spend time on. If the shadow lies on the house it may even decrease your air condition expenditure. Trees clean the air you breathe, support wild animals and birds. A tree may help with water runoff after rains as they soak up moisture. A flood on your yard is less possible when there is a tree or two. After all, trees are just beautiful, especially when cared properly.

Emergency Tree Service in Houston, TX

Sometimes tree care is an urgent question. A storm or non-professionals’ action may cause a situation that may be fixed only by professionals. We highly recommend estimating the job carefully. Best leave it to specialists in all cases, especially if you are not sure you can handle that.